Behavioral Economics Annual Meeting

Behavioral Economics Annual Meeting (BEAM) at Berkeley on May 19th and May 20th,
by invitation only.

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2014, 2015, 2016.

30th Anniversary of Behavioral Economics at Berkeley

Check out the syllabus of the 1987 course.

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Program Agenda

May 20, 2017

Wells Fargo Room at U.C. Berkeley

12:00-1:00   Lunch On Site in Haas Courtyard, with Gelato on the cone from Caravaggio Gelato

1:00-1:10     Introduction to “30 Years of Behavioral Economics at Berkeley”

                      Carla Hesse (Dean of Social Sciences, Berkeley)

1:10-2:00     Farhan Zaidi (General Manager, LA Dodgers), introduced by Stefano DellaVigna (co-

                      Director of Behavioral Initiative)

                     “Behavioral Economics On the Field”

2:00-3:00     George Akerlof and Daniel Kahneman (Instructors of 1987 PhD Class in Berkeley on

                     “Psychology and Economics”)

                     “Back to 1987: Some Ideas for the Future”

3:00-3:30     Saurabh Bhargava (CMU), Zack Grossman (UCSB), Devin Pope (University of

                      Chicago), Gautam Rao (Harvard), Paige Skiba (Vanderbilt), Justin Sydnor (University

                      of Wisconsin)

                     “Becoming Behavioral Economists at Berkeley”

3:30-4:00     Coffee Break

Roundtable on Behavioral Economics in Berkeley: The Past and the Next 30 Years

4:00-4:20:    Matthew Rabin (Harvard). “Behavioral Models for the Future”

4:20-5:00     Five-minute talks:

“Witnessing the Rise”: Daniel McFadden (Berkeley), Hal Varian (Berkeley and Google)

“Training in Behavioral in the Early Years”: Gary Charness (UCSB), Ted O’Donoghue (Cornell), Terry Odean (Berkeley)

“Behavioral Faculty at Berkeley”: Shachar Kariv (Berkeley), Botond Koszegi (CEU)

5:00-5:35     Open Round Table Discussion

5:35-5:45     Closing Reflections

                      Rich Lyons (Dean of Berkeley Haas)